DIMO Power Engineering is a provider of integrated Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution solutions for complete High, Medium and Low Voltage scope with turnkey solutions and life cycle services. DIMO enables power utilities to Generate, Transmit and Distribute Electrical Power reliably and economically at the highest level of efficiency.

High Voltage and Medium Voltage Solutions for Utilities

DIMO has synergistically leveraged our innovative strengths in providing efficient electrical systems with our Principals such as Siemens, Trafo Elettro and Phelps Dodge. Turnkey end-to-end solutions for the construction of Transmission / Distribution Substations and Lines can be undertaken by DIMO from conceptualization to commissioning. DIMO also offers in-house technical after-sales support that guarantees continuous and uninterrupted operation of all systems.

Solutions offered includes,

  • Constructions of High Voltage/Medium Voltage indoor and outdoor substations for Utility
  • Construction of power transmission and Distribution lines
  • Laying of Underground cable Networks
Renewable Energy

DIMO provides innovative, safe and user-friendly advanced solutions that boost productivity and improve efficiency in mini-hydro, bio mass, solar and wind power plants. DIMO’s professional staff can work with your engineers to successfully design, engineer, install and maintain an energy program that meets your sustainability and profitability goals.

Solutions offered includes,

  • Construction of mini-hydro power plants
  • Construction of wind power plants
  • Construction of bio mass power plants
  • Large-scale photovoltaic plants (> 1MW) and Concentrating Solar Power plants
Mini Grids

A Mini Grid, also referred to as a “Micro Grid or an Isolated Grid”, can be defined as a set of electricity generators and energy storage systems interconnected to a distribution network that supplies electricity to a localized group of customers. They are capable of small-scale electricity generation (10kW to 10MW) which serves a limited number of consumers via a distribution grid that can operate in isolation from the national grid.

DIMO with its Principal DHYBRID GmbH completed the country’s first mini grid project at University of Moratuwa together with Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and is also working in the initial stages of similar projects in Myanmar.


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